Swoon Worthy Wednesday

First Batch

1. Opposites Attract: It is absolutely necessary that I start with my all time favorite trope opposites attract. Every combination of this trope is a sweet treat. We can always trust for this to deliver excellence. The bubbly artist and the serious business man, the angry chef and caring baker, the serious teacher and their carefree counterpart. 10/10 every time. One of my favorite moments is when our Grumpy main character realizes that they can’t live without their lovely piece of Sunshine that is absolutely swoon inducing.

Delightfully swoon worthy examples:

2. Fated Love: Somewhere out there is the person that you are meant to be with. You are fated to marry or have a scorching love affair. It is such a classic trope. I don’t know about you but this one right here makes my heart sing. I have had a soft spot for this baby growing up on Wattpad. Vampires and Werewolves searching for their forever mates was a sure way to get me to save the book to my library. These days while I still have a soft spot for this trope I like the reincarnation aspect of it. Being destined even in the next life NOW THAT IS TOP TIER.

Two deliciously terrific examples:

3. Marriage of Convenience: Who doesn’t want to enter a marriage with a set of rules that slowly get disregarded, as you start to fall in love with each other, and realize that this fake marriage might turn into something more serious and beautiful than you ever expected? This marvelous trope can have me purchasing a book with just the mention of this alone. Marriage of Convenience has you laughing at a the main characters when they think they can enter this little agreement unscathed and without falling in love. JOKES ON YOU MC WE KNOW AND YOU KNOW THAT LOVE IS INEVITABLE.

Two wonderfully iconic examples:

4. Friends to Lovers: For many this trope can feel a little stale and not carry much excitement which is honestly not true. The slow burn, the spark that you didn’t feel before, the realization that this companionship is obviously not enough for you, the knowledge that you can trust this person with your heart because you have known each other all your life, the comfortable feeling of being in each others presence, the teasing and playfulness of it all. How is this boring?!? Such a quality trope it needs more credit for what it does.

Two finger-licking and mouth watering examples:

5. Forbidden Love: This trope can get a little intense. My favorite kind of combination of this trope is with hate to love. But forbidden romance is an Oscar Award winning trope. This one can have you clutching your heart and fanning yourself from the tension, the secret looks, the jealousy, the back and forth between the “we can’t be with each other but I can’t live without you” lines. I am personally partial to the bodyguard and cultural differences aspect combination. The forbidden love between a bodyguard and their client is juicy and tension filled. It is the being able to look past the cultural differences and biases to really look at the person and realize that none of that matters and you love them regardless.

Two heart fluttering, stomach clenching examples of this trope:

Enemies to Lovers when done right can make me clutch my pearls when done wrong which I find that it often is makes me want to scream. A lot of times I find that Enemies to Lovers can be made to be a hella abusive and manipulative. I get stuck like y’all put each other through so much and are forgiving each other without a proper reconciliation. No no no no thank you. That being said I think these two books do a pretty good job of not disappointing me though Burn Me by Ilona Andrews was really close to having me put it up. There are so many ways to do this trope but my favorite is childhood friends to enemies to lovers and rivalry based enemies to lovers. I loved good ole fashion rivalry.

Second Chance at Love: I absolutely love a second chance at love trope. Give me hometown romance, give me rekindled relationships. The relearning the person you thought you knew so well, the reminders that you really love this person, give me THIS time your gonna do it right. Even the mutual yearning, missed opportunities, always having eyes for each other but it was never the right time. The first time might not have been the right time but the SECOND you know that it was meant to be.

Slow Burn: In order to love a good slow burn you must have patience. In a slow burn the stakes are low but just the process and story telling alone can be enough to get the blood pumping. I love a slow burn because often times romance is depicted as something that happens really fast but that isn’t the case for many folk. Sometimes love takes time to seep in and take full affect. In a slow burn there is lots of wooing and courting there are more details and getting to know each other. I love the timidness but also the fierceness that it can bring out.

Hope you enjoyed the first batch of my Swoon Worthy Wednesdays

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