I would apologize for being gone but the world feels like it has been ending and I have not felt like writing if we are being completely honest. Also blog post take me forever to write and I am an impatient person. But I have decided to revamp this blog and get back to writing. I need the practice, I do miss writing even if folk don’t be reading my shyte, and the realest reason I paid for a year membership and we are going to milk these 48 dollars for all its worth.

So some updates:

I have read 41 books so far this year.

I have gained an obsession with Beverly Jenkins a romance author. So much so that I have read 8 of her books in the past month and half.

I am going to be hosting a social media poetry event that I am super excited for. So stay tuned for some prompts, photo challenges, and book challenges. I am bursting at the seams for this project to come to light.

I got sponsored to promote a book!

My follower count on all platforms have gotten higher. If you want to see some of my author content you are more than welcome to hop on over on Twitter, Instagram, and tiktok.

I am part of the tour for Mirror Season by Anna-Marie McLemore. So keep an eye out in April for my mood board and review.

These are some of the things that I have been up to these past couple of months. I look forward to coming back and fulfilling the writing emoji on my Ig blog.

Welcome back friends and stay colorful.

Matching my teas to the books I have read.

I have been an avid tea drinker since 2015 after my stint at Teavana. I drink at least 3-5 cups of tea a day. A younger me would be astounded. I hated hot drinks growing up but like most things that I have hated growing up in my life, I have grown to love a hot cup of tea.

While procrastinating this morning I came up with the idea of matching some of my favorite teas to the books I have read and am currently reading.

Please enjoy some quality tea and books content!

Black Cask Bourbon Tea has been one of my favorite black teas the past couple of month. Harney & Sons Black Cask Bourbon Tea and The Black Gods Drum go perfectly together. Though I have never been to New Orleans (It’s on my go-to destinations list) I feel like this tea gives me Steam Punk New Orleans Vibes.

I rarely go for sweet teas but I can be swayed with a quality mint combination this next tea Pomegranate Mojito green tea would be spectacularly paired with a sweet graphic novel. Zesttea is supposed to be a highly caffeinated tea brand and anything that helps me stay away from coffee is pretty good in my book.

French Super Blue Lavender while may be a turnoff for some because of its similarity to lavender fragrance is in fact a turn on just like my soft king Vaughn from Harbor by Rebahka Weatherspoon tickles my fancy. I love me a calming yet strong smelling herbal tea. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are surrounded by a field of lavender? Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by a lovely and handsome Vaughn?

Thorn by Intisar Khanani had a dream like quality to it that had me transfixed and in love with the writing style. My goose girl was more than capable and reliable young girl than what she was given credit for by her family. Pomergranate Oolong is a favorite because it has a soft yet sweet flavor and is my go to when I am having stomach cramps. These two compliment each other really well.

Lapsang Souchong is one of the weirdest teas in existence. It tastes like ashes and wood fire. That being said I love it. It is only right that is is paired with our horrifying yet loving Rin from The Dragon Republic by R.f Kuang. If you know, you know.

This pairing was a little bit more difficult because I could not think of what would go perfectly with The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste. It is a book about Caribbean folklore, family and friendship. I loved the description of their island so much it made me feel like I was on an island while reading it. Also her delicious oranges and fruit made me want to go back home to Puerto Rico and pick some fruit from la finca. This book would go perfectly with a honey citrus tea.

Peppermint tea while not caffeinated can wake you up on smell alone. This strong scented tea goes perfectly with Rage becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly. You need a tea that will wake you the fuck up like Rage Becomes Her will wake you up.

When the romance is SPICY your tea should be too. I don’t create the rules I just enforce them. This next pairing is a homemade Chai with a very spicy romance. I enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed reading Go Deep by Rilzy Adams. A friends to lovers novelette that has you squirming in your chair.


5 Black peppercorns

6 Cardamom pods

3 Anise stars

1/2 inch- 2 inches of ginger

1-2 cinnamon sticks

Brown sugar however much you want

10 cloves


Boil some of your favorite milk I like oat or coconut

add spices and black tea if you want it caffeinated

let it steep for 5 minutes and then strain it into your favorite mug

Dear Potential Bookish Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my lovely little bookish blogging abode. I hope you enjoy your time here.

My name is Jamilex, and I am the creator of Colorfully Bookish. It brings me so much joy to bear another bookish project into existence. I am doing all that I can to take over all platforms.

You are going to see my name, I promise.

So far we are on:

Book Twitter



You may be asking yourself, why do this to myself? Its kind of a lot to keep track. There is a straightforward answer to this: I. AM. BORED. I have the time. I just finished my undergraduate degree (you may now dub me a political scientist) I want to push myself, challenge myself to learn outside the trap that is the university.

The idea of creating a community with like-minded bibliophiles also pleases me much. Let’s talk books baybee!

Reading isn’t the only thing I enjoy doing. I am doing my best to collect hobbies to be a whole person outside of my work and schooling. I love to cook and feed people. I am a regular ole foodie, but quarantine has forced me to get inventive with my meals. I collect fun frames and glasses. You may call me a basic bookish babe with an obsession with herbal and black teas. I have a budding mug addiction; hopefully, I don’t go wild with that one ( I don’t have enough room in the house for that). I want to push this blog in a lot of different directions, so hopefully, if I didn’t scare you off, you don’t get any whiplash. There is so much to read and do. I hope you join me on this bookish journey.

Welcome to Colorfullybookish Familia

Stay colorful!