Reading Made Accessible

Let a bookish friend help you out!

I believe books should be accessible to everyone, and I personally love the creation and spread of eBooks. The expansion of technology has allowed for the transformation of reading and purchasing books. There are so many applications that have made books available with the stroke of a couple keys. We must use it to our advantage.

For many, physical copies of books are not affordable. While eBooks can cost about the same as a physical copy when the book debuts, they are largely much more economical. 

How do you find these economical eBooks?!

This is where you have to do some work.


If you subscribe to publishers, they will send you specials and promotions when specific eBooks go on sale. Every couple of days or weeks, they send emails about eBooks that have been discounted. 

HarperCollins does this through BookPerk.

Find your favorite publishers and subscribe to their email list. You might luck out and find a book you wanted to read for a discounted price! 


I have recently come across websites, like 



If you create an account with either of them and answer a couple questions about the kind of books you like to read, they will curate a list of eBooks for you at affordable prices, which makes my sale-loving heart burst in song. BookBub and FreeBooksy also offer FREE eBooks in that curated list. Who doesn’t love getting things for free??


If you live in the United States, you know (hopefully you know) that we have a pretty fantastic library system. One of the cool things that you can do is use your library card to access your library’s eBook collection through Overdrive or the more aesthetically pleasing Libby. I think libraries are one of the most essential free resources that the United States has to offer, and we should take advantage of it. If you don’t have a library card, you can create an account for your local library and get a temporary one over the computer. If you live in DMV, here are your respective links: 

Washington D.C. 




I am a subscription loving hoe, and I have to add my favorite eBook subscriptions to this post.

Scribd is an OG eBook subscription site that has been around for ages. Now that I can pay for it out of my own pockets, I am never without it. It is only $8.99 a month and has thousands of eBooks and audiobooks readily available. I prefer this to Audible for audiobooks because it is 10x more affordable. If you are an avid reader and read about 2-3 books a month, it basically pays for itself. 

Kindle Unlimited, though attached to Amazon (a hellfire company), is still a great way to access to some quality eBooks. It has dramatically improved since its inception and has all kinds of eBooks available. This subscription is only $9.99 a month, which, depending on the number of books you read, can be economical. 

Technology has changed the way we read, and while I am sure some problems have arisen with reading on tablets and on our phones, I see the democratization of reading as a good thing. Everyone should have access to books and should be able to have them readily available. I will always be a proponent of that. 

I hope this was helpful to you.

Stay Colorful, Fam!