Cooking Up A Storm

Quarantine has had me cooking more than I have ever in my life. It has also made me realize how much I love it and how healing cooking for yourself and others can be.

In all honesty I have always loved cooking but as a young girl it was forced upon me as a thing that I needed to do because I was girl not as a tool that I needed to know in order to survive. Cooking being something pushed on me, made me dislike it as a whole for a really long time. I would cook here and there in order to try new things or out of sheer boredom but not out of love.

I have been cooking multiple meals a week since quarantine started. At the beginning I went almost two weeks straight with cooking up a storm in the house. Really loving the process. Picking out the recipe, going to the grocery store to pick out the ingredients (something that I have always loved), making sure the kitchen is clean before throwing down.

When I say that cooking can be healing I truly believe that. Its a form of self-care. You are taking care of yourself by preparing a meal from your own hands. I find the whole process even though it can get tiring or monotonous to be satisfying and grounding. It also is gratifying when those who you are cooking for love it.

Some things I have cooked this quarantine:

Nachos For Mothers Day

Chicken Tacos with Refried Black Beans and Corn Tortillas from scratch

Garlic Butter Rice with Sauteed Kale and White Rice

My First Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies