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The Person Behind The Blog

Buenas! Name is Jamilex, pronounced Jah/me/lex. I am a recent college graduate with too much time on her hands. A bookish friend doing my best to create creative content about the things that I love. I am well read if not slightly concerned womyn with lots to say. I am also a curly headed, bubbly educator, positive realist, with a flare for dramatics and spicy frames.

Whats in a name?

Colorfully Bookish came to me in early 2018. I had been trying to create a blog for a over year by then and was outlining, getting a logo done, prepping multiple posts, the whole nine yards. Unfortunately the logo sucked, I was overwhelmed with school and I lost the courage. Fast forward and I thought enough was enough. I created a Bookstagram as a way to push myself to share the things I was reading. I was seeing Bookstagram take off and felt like it was a step in the right direction when it came to creating a small personal blog. I needed to push myself and I was finally taking a step in the right direction. Colorfully Bookish came almost out of thin air. I was trying to find different combinations of bookish related things and putting them together. I finally stumbled upon Colorfully Bookish. It just made sense. I like to think of myself as a colorful person and I have been bookish since 7th grade so it was perfect match together. It was just my luck that the name wasn’t taken. Hop forward another two years; It’s 2020, I am college graduate with a job *gasp* and time on my hands. I started a Youtube Channel and converted my personal twitter over to book realm and here we are.

What I consider myself to be an:

Avid Reader