Dear Potential Bookish Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my lovely little bookish blogging abode. I hope you enjoy your time here.

My name is Jamilex, and I am the creator of Colorfully Bookish. It brings me so much joy to bear another bookish project into existence. I am doing all that I can to take over all platforms.

You are going to see my name, I promise.

So far we are on:

Book Twitter



You may be asking yourself, why do this to myself? Its kind of a lot to keep track. There is a straightforward answer to this: I. AM. BORED. I have the time. I just finished my undergraduate degree (you may now dub me a political scientist) I want to push myself, challenge myself to learn outside the trap that is the university.

The idea of creating a community with like-minded bibliophiles also pleases me much. Let’s talk books baybee!

Reading isn’t the only thing I enjoy doing. I am doing my best to collect hobbies to be a whole person outside of my work and schooling. I love to cook and feed people. I am a regular ole foodie, but quarantine has forced me to get inventive with my meals. I collect fun frames and glasses. You may call me a basic bookish babe with an obsession with herbal and black teas. I have a budding mug addiction; hopefully, I don’t go wild with that one ( I don’t have enough room in the house for that). I want to push this blog in a lot of different directions, so hopefully, if I didn’t scare you off, you don’t get any whiplash. There is so much to read and do. I hope you join me on this bookish journey.

Welcome to Colorfullybookish Familia

Stay colorful!

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